ROLFFS, Hendrik Jacobus

Birth Name ROLFFS, Hendrik Jacobus
Gender male
Age at Death 29 years, 9 months, 25 days


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1898-06-04 Sprang-Capelle, Noord Brabant, Nederland   1a  
Death 1928-03-29 Pella, Iowa, Marion County, U.S.A.   1b 1c  
Burial   Sully Cemetery, Jasper County, Iowa, U.S.A.    


REFN 9162


Father ROLFFS, Hendrik Ludolf [I1585]
Mother VOS, Cornelia [I7276]
  1. ROLFFS, Johanna Christina [I9222]
  2. ROLFFS, Dirkie [I9223]
  3. ROLFFS, Dirk [I9224]
  4. ROLFFS, Ludolph Hendrik [I9225]
  5. ROLFFS, Cornelis [I9226]
Half Siblings
  1. ROLFFS, Stillborn son [I9192]
  2. ROLFFS, Willem Hendrik [I8684]
  3. ROLFFS, Anna Wilhelmina [I9163]


Hendrik Ludolf ROLFFS children 1914

Hendrik Ludolf ROLFFS children 1914

Henry and Willem Rolffs

Henry and Willem Rolffs


Hendrik Jacobus was the oldest child of Hendrik and Cornelia Rolffs. He was born June 4, 1898 at Sprang Capella. He came to America with his parents and went to work as a hired farm hand for several area farmers: John Meppelink, Dick Decker (a brother of Tante Ryntje Vos), and Lane Van Rees on the Jake Brand farm on the County line road. It was here his health began to fail because of Tuberculosis. He spent four to five years in the Betheseda Sanatorium in Denver, Colorado. When his health permitted he worked on a dairy farm while living there. His Tuberculosis metastasized to his bones and later affected his right leg. He returned home and spent his remaining days with his parents who were then living south of Sully. Hendrik died March 29, 1928 at the age of 30 years. He is buried in the Sully, Iowa cemetery, beside his parents. (Source: Hendrik Ludolf Rolffs book)

Source References

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    4. Confidence: High;   Text: Dates don't match up yet - need to find death notice


  1. ROLFFS, Hendrik Ludolf
    1. VOS, Cornelia
      1. ROLFFS, Hendrik Jacobus
      2. ROLFFS, Johanna Christina
      3. ROLFFS, Dirkie
      4. ROLFFS, Dirk
      5. ROLFFS, Ludolph Hendrik
      6. ROLFFS, Cornelis