VOS, Cornelia

Birth Name VOS, Cornelia
Also Known As ROLFFS, Cornelia
Gender female
Age at Death 70 years, 9 months


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1866-01-13 Sprang, Noord Brabant, Nederland   1a  
Death 1936-10-13 Sully, Iowa, U.S.A.   1b  
Burial   Sully Cemetery, Jasper County, Iowa, U.S.A.   1c  


REFN 7276


Father VOS, Dirk [I7277]
Mother ROS, Johanna [I7278]
  1. VOS, Johanna Christina [I9172]
  2. VOS, Willem [I9168]
  3. VOS, Maria [I9176]
  4. VOS, Mourits [I9180]
  5. VOS, Pieternella [I9184]
  6. VOS, Dirk [I9188]


Married Husband ROLFFS, Hendrik Ludolf [I1585]
  Marriage 1897-06-18 at Sprang-Capelle, Noord Brabant, Nederland 2a 1d
  REFN 2466

In 1897 Hendrik married Cornelia Vos and she became the mother of his two small children. They were blest with six children of their own. Hendrik continued in the occupation of his forefathers and practiced the art of Blacksmithing. He had a shop behind the house they lived in. The family lived in the village of Sprang Capella, (in the province of Noord Braband). All the children were born there. Life was very difficult at the turn of the century and the lure of the new life in America seemed inviting to many Hollanders. Hendrik and Cornelia felt there wasn't much of a future for their growing family in Holland, and in 1914, under the sponsorship of Willem Vos, a brother of Cornelia, they set sail from their home on the ship Nortdam, along with Cornelia's sister Marie and her husband Adrian Geenen and family. The family all sailed for America, except their son Willem, who chose to stay behind and fulfill a military obligation with the Horse Cavalry.
The trip from Holland took nine days of sailing. All the families belongings were packed in one trunk except for the clothes they were wearing. Dick remembers the boat as being quite large. The rooms were comfortable, and there was a large play area for the children. It was Anna's, Johanna's and Durkies duty to watch their younger brothers. The passengers went 1st. 2nd. and 3rd. class. They journied by 3rd class. Cornelia was very sick on boat and spent about five days in her bunk. The children spent the time watching the waves, and the fish in the ocean.
They arrived in New York Harbor, and without rest were put on a train which took them three days journey to Newton, Iowa. Dick remembers the train ride as very hot and muggy. The conductors would crowd as many people on the train as they could, and they got on the train in late evening and their family had to stand up all night. Dick and Lou laid down on the floor between people. Dick said his mother was exhausted and almost dead when they arrived in Newton. Cornelia's brother Willem was in Newton to welcome them, and they journeyed to the town of Sully, Iowa by way of the M & St.. L. Railroad. Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minneapolis_and_St._Louis_Railway}
Much of the town of Sully was curious about the arrival of the "Dutchmen". They gathered at the depot to see them get off the train, but Willem knew his tired family didn't need a welcome like that, so he hurried them off the train on the side away from the depot and they all walked to the home of their Aunt Tante Ryntje (the widow of Dirk Vos, Cornelia's brother). So the town of Sully didn't get to see the "Dutchmen" get off the train.
The two families moved into the old building which is now, George's Market in Sully. The Geenen family were bakers by trade, and started a bakery on the first floor and lived in the back of the building. The Rolffs family moved into the rooms upstairs and Hendrik worked as a blacksmith for a man by the name of Piet Lubberden.

(Source: Hendrik Ludolf Rolffs book)


Grandmother Rolffs had a dry-goods store in the front of their home, and she was an accomplished seamstress. Her hand operated sewing machine came to America with them, and is now in the family of Aunt Durkie.

  1. ROLFFS, Hendrik Jacobus [I9162]
  2. ROLFFS, Johanna Christina [I9222]
  3. ROLFFS, Dirkie [I9223]
  4. ROLFFS, Dirk [I9224]
  5. ROLFFS, Ludolph Hendrik [I9225]
  6. ROLFFS, Cornelis [I9226]


Cornelia Vos, Durkie Rolffs, Martin Zylstra 1922

Cornelia Vos, Durkie Rolffs, Martin Zylstra 1922

Grandpa and Grandma Rolffs

Grandpa and Grandma Rolffs


Mrs. Henry Rolffs
Cornelia Vos was born in Sprang Holland, January 13, 1866 and died at Sully Iowa on October 13, 1935 at the age of 69 years and nine months.
(Source: Hendrik Ludolf Rolffs book)
In the year 1897 she was united in marriage to Henry Rolffs and to this union were born six children; four sons and two daughters. In the year 1914 they came to the United States of America and settled in the vicinity of Sully, Iowa.

She leaves to mourn her loss-her husband, Henry Rolffs and four children, Johanna, Mrs. Rienk Zylstra of Grinnell, Dirkie, Mrs. Neal Van Soelen, and Dick Rolffs of Sully, Louis Rolffs of Denver, Colo. Also two step-children, Mrs. Jacob Uitvlugt of South Boardman, Michigan, and Willem Henry Rolffs of the Netherlands. Also 34 grand-children, two sisters and one brother and a host of relatives and friends. Two children preceded her in death: Cornelius, who died in Sprang, Holland on Oct. 9, 1909 and Henry Jacob who died at Pella, Iowa on March 29, 1928.

At the age of 19 years she made confession of her faith in the Lord Jesus. She loved the Lord and chose to walk in His ways. During the last few years, which were years of much sickness, she repeatedly testified of her faith in the Lord. God's promises were very precious to her. The Lord was her portion and she lived in the assurance that the Lord who had accepted her would never leave or forsake her and with that assurance she passed away. Her one wish was that the Lord might call her home on the Sabbath day and this wish the Lord granted.

Funeral Services were held October 15, 1935
Songs sung: Psalm 12~ verse 1; Psalm 89, verse 1.
Scripture: Revelation 14: 1-13; And I heard a voice from heaven saying, Write, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth: Yes, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; for their works do follow them. II Kings 4:26:
Run now, I pray thee, to meet her: and say unto her, is it well with the? .. And she said, It is well.

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