ROS, Johanna

Birth Name ROS, Johanna 1a
Also Known As VOS, Johanna
Gender female


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1825-09-15 Sprang, Noord Brabant, Nederland    


REFN 7278


Father ROS, Willem [I9166]
Mother HONKOP, Johanna [I9167]


Married Husband VOS, Dirk [I7277]
  Marriage 1853-05-13 at Sprang-Capelle, Noord Brabant, Nederland 1b
  REFN 2467
  1. VOS, Johanna Christina [I9172]
  2. VOS, Cornelia [I7276]
  3. VOS, Willem [I9168]
  4. VOS, Maria [I9176]
  5. VOS, Mourits [I9180]
  6. VOS, Pieternella [I9184]
  7. VOS, Dirk [I9188]


Alias: Johanna Ros, Johanna Christina Ros


Aunt Johanna told her girls a story about her Great-grandmother Johanna Honkoop Ros (page 73). When she was a small girl of 8 or 9 years, they had a home that was built on top of a dike. The flood waters were threatening to tear out the dike, and as they were fleeing from the high water, little Johanna looked back and saw her cat sitting in the window of the house. She cried for her parents to save it. Her Mother went back into the house to rescue the cat for her, and the dike gave away and both the mother and the cat were washed away.

Source References

  1. Genlias [S196]
    1. Confidence: Very High
    2. Confidence: Very High;   Text: Bron Burgerlijke stand - Huwelijk Archieflocatie Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum Algemeen Toegangnr: 50.148 Inventarisnr: 7220 Gemeente: Sprang-Capelle Soort akte: huwelijk Aktenummer: 4 Datum: 13-05-1853 Bruidegom Dirk Vos Geboortedatum: 23-02-1824 Geboorteplaats: Sprang Bruid Johanna Ros Geboortedatum: 15-09-1825 Geboorteplaats: Sprang Vader bruidegom Mouris Vos Moeder bruidegom Petronella Oerlemans Vader bruid Willem Ros Moeder bruid Johanna Honkop


  1. ROS, Willem
    1. HONKOP, Johanna
      1. ROS, Johanna
        1. VOS, Dirk
          1. VOS, Johanna Christina
          2. VOS, Cornelia
          3. VOS, Willem
          4. VOS, Maria
          5. VOS, Mourits
          6. VOS, Pieternella
          7. VOS, Dirk