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Hendrik Ludolf ROLFFS children 1914

Hendrik Ludolf ROLFFS children 1914


This picture was taken just before the family left for America.
Seated: Dirk (Dick), Ludolph Hendrik (Lou), Willem Hendrik (who stayed in the Netherlands), Hendrik Jacobus (Henry), Anna Wilhelmina.
Standing: Johanna Christina, Dirkie (Durkie)


  1. ROLFFS, Anna Wilhelmina [I9163]
  2. ROLFFS, Dirkie [I9223]
  3. ROLFFS, Hendrik Jacobus [I9162]
  4. ROLFFS, Hendrik Ludolf [I1585]
  5. ROLFFS, Johanna Christina [I9222]
  6. ROLFFS, Ludolph Hendrik [I9225]
  7. ROLFFS, Willem Hendrik [I8684]