ZYLSTRA, John Edwin

Birth Name ZYLSTRA, John Edwin
Gender male
Age at Death 1 day


Type Date Place Description Notes
Birth 1956-06-14 Sioux County, Iowa, U.S.A.   1a  
Death 1956-06-15 Sioux County, Iowa, U.S.A.    


REFN 9383


Father ZYLSTRA, Ivan Edgar [I9313]
Mother VOS, Evelyn [I9378]
  1. ZYLSTRA, Judith Mae [I9379]
  2. ZYLSTRA, Ronald Jay [I9380]
  3. ZYLSTRA, Stanley Allen [I9381]
  4. ZYLSTRA, Ruth Ann [I9382]
  5. ZYLSTRA, Mary Beth [I9384]
  6. ZYLSTRA, Joel Dean [I9385]
  7. ZYLSTRA, David Lee [I9386]

Source References

  1. Geneology and family history of Hendrik Ludolf Rolffs 1983 [S714]
    1. Confidence: High;   Text: Ivan Edgar Zylstra born, March 12, 1924 where: Jasper County, Iowa married: August 25, 1946 @@ Jasper County, Iowa died: buried: Evelyn Vos born, September 30, 1926 where: Jasper County, Iowa died: buried: Children: John Edwin, born, June 14, 1956 @@ Sioux County, Iowa died: June 15, 1956 buried:


  1. ZYLSTRA, Ivan Edgar
    1. VOS, Evelyn
      1. ZYLSTRA, Judith Mae
      2. ZYLSTRA, Ronald Jay
      3. ZYLSTRA, Stanley Allen
      4. ZYLSTRA, Ruth Ann
      5. ZYLSTRA, John Edwin
      6. ZYLSTRA, Mary Beth
      7. ZYLSTRA, Joel Dean
      8. ZYLSTRA, David Lee