Helena Elisabeth Antoinetta de REUS

Birth Name de REUS, Helena Elisabeth Antoinetta [1a] [2a]
Gramps ID I2633
Gender female
Age at Death 87 years, 2 months, 8 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1843] 17 January 1860 Maastricht, Limburg, Nederland  

Death [E1844] 25 March 1947 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA  

Burial [E1845] 28 March 1947 Gethsemane Cemetary, Detroit, USA  



Father Jan de REUS [I2206]
Mother Elizabeth Antoinetta ENTINK [I2205]


Married Husband Johannes Cornelius REIJST (REYST) [I2632]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3525]   Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, Nederland  

  1. Cornelius REIJST (REYST) [I2631]


?? Birth also reported as 17 Jan 1860, Maastrich, ZH, Netherlands


Cornelius Reyst's parents were Johannes Cornelis Reijst (b. 23 Feb 1862 in Zevenbergen, Noord-Brabant, NL; d. 7 Jan 1922 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA) and Helena Elisabeth Antoinetta de Reus.

Note Cornelius Reyst's mother's maiden name is not Durose as noted in the Morgan genealogy. I have confirmed both of my great-grandparents births against provincial archives in the Netherlands as provided to Genlias.nl. Also her real birthdate is 17 Jan 1860 in Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands to Elizabeth (note difference in spelling here of "z" vs. "s") Antoinetta Entink - an unwed mother. Her mother would marry Jan de Reus 3 years later on 7 Jan 1863 and after that Helena used the maiden name of de Reus. She died in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA on 25 Mar 1947.

Source: Lynda Klema email 5 Aug 2011

Source References

  1. International Genealogical Index (R) [S228]
    1. Confidence: High

      Helena Antionette Elizabeth DEROUSE (AFN:1J32-ZP) Sex F
      Born: 17 Jan 1866 Place: Vecht, Holland
      Died: 25 Mar 1947 Place: Detroit, Wayne, MI
      Buried: 28 Mar 1947 Place: Gethsemane Cemetary, Detroit
      Married: Place: Rotterdam, Zuid, Holland
      Father: Peter DEROUSE (AFN:BBK4-J3)
      Mother: Elizabeth (AFN:BBK4-K8)

  2. Morgan [S541]
    1. Confidence: High

      DEREUS (DEROUSE), Helena Antionette Elisabeth (Lena) (female)
      Father Unknown Living
      Mother Unknown Living
      Birth 17 Jan 1860 Maastrich, ZH, Netherlands
      Immigration 1891 USA


  1. Jan de REUS
    1. Elizabeth Antoinetta ENTINK
      1. Helena Elisabeth Antoinetta de REUS
        1. Johannes Cornelius REIJST (REYST)
          1. Cornelius REIJST (REYST)