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Below are the result of research carried out in 1948 by a bureau of heraldry

Note: Familyweapons is rather an inacurate term as they always belong to only ONE person, not a family. Usually only the eldest son inherits the right to use the Heraldic Arm. So unless you can prove that you are the descendant of the eldedst male line you do not have the rights to use these arms as if they were yours.

In the civil registration archives of the province of Gelderland, located in Arnhem, the following was found:
On a chequered paper there occurs the seal of JOEST MATHEUSZOON DIJCKGRAEFF; in 1609 hailing from the princepality off Ammerzoden. He sealed various documents using the same seal
- a shield with three arrows with rounded head (quarels or bolts) at the top, and underneath, hence at the base of the shield, a small double (headed) eagle.
The correct impression on the left
The original impression on the right where by only the shield was pressed into the wax.
The colours are unknown, however according to heraldic rules:
the shield is gold (yellow) with the three arrows and the eagle in black
or: the shield is silver (grey), the eagle in black and the arrows blue or red
This same weapon also occurs in the seal of his son DIRCK JOOSTEN DIJCKGRAEFF, in 1656 hailing from the princepality off Ammerzoden.
The surname Dijkgraaf is being spelt here in old dutch, but it is however the same surname. Other weapons for the name Dijkgraaf and it variations don't exist (for the province of Gelderland).
Also in South Holland there is a family which has a hereldic arms. These arms are as follows

A black shield with a spade, blade downwards, coloured gold (yellow), with as caption "This spade"

These heraldic arms were carried by a docter in The Hague His firstname is unknown but his surname was Dijkgraaf. He was married with to a lady Nuy.

(This appears to be Johannes Dijkgraaf from Delft family tree, our records ref# D433)

Carying on whith this weapon is a P. Dijkgraaf (#D501) a surgeon in The Hague and a A.F.J. Dijkgraaf (#D500), a director of Rotterdams drydock Mij in 1925

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