Dijkgraaf Family Genealogy

Meuwis Ancestral line

Generation V

  1. Adriaan MEUWIS, schippersknecht.
    Born on 22-06-1834 in Dongen.
    Son of Bastiaan MEUWIS (see also 44) and Helena Jacoba van der DUSSEN (see also 45).
    Married at the age of 52 on 05-07-1886 in Oosterhout.
    Spouse is
  2. Cornelia van OOSTSTROOM, 51 years old.
    Born on 13-10-1834 in Reeuwijk.
    Daughter of Dirk van OOSTSTROOM, schipper and Wilhelmina (Lena) HOLLANDER.
    From this marriage:
    1. Dirk MEUWIS.
      Born on 05-07-1869.
    2. Jacoba Wilhelmina MEUWIS.
      Born on 24-02-1871.
    3. Wilhelmina Cornelia MEUWIS.
      Born on 08-11-1872.
      Died on 14-06-1874 at the age of 1.
    4. Bastiaan Cornelis MEUWIS.
      Born on 06-06-1874.
      Died on 22-09-1875 at the age of 1.
    5. Wilhelmina Cornelia MEUWIS.
    6. Jan MEUWIS.
      Partner is Teuntje ??

Generation VI

  1. Bastiaan MEUWIS.
    Born on 17-09-1803 in Stellendam.
    Married at the age of 30 on 19-12-1833 in Dongen.
    Spouse is
  2. Helena Jacoba van der DUSSEN.
    Born circa 1809.
    Daughter of Adriaan van der DUSSEN, Schoolmeester.
    From this marriage:
    1. Adriaan MEUWIS (see also 22).

Dijkgraaf Family Genealogy